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We can guarantee you we are a legitimate gold site, we are a verified USA company named rsgoldfund llc based out of Ohio. We pay taxes & operate legally. Anytime you want to buy runescape from a verified company we are here. We have thousands upon thousands of reputation and are more than happy to link you these reputations in our live chat. We aim to provide the best service & prices possible while still retaining 100% legitimacy. We hope that you will do your homework on any website you purchase off of but feel safe knowing that when you buy runescape gold with rsgoldfund you are safe.

OSRS Gold and Runescape 3 Gold

Old School Runescape goes by several names. You may know it as 2007scape from Reddit, or RS2007 since it's a re-creation of the popular 2007 version of Runescape. Either way, it's managed to outgrow even the current version of Runescape (RS3). That being said, we know many of our customers still play and enjoy EOC or Runescape 3. Maybe you just call it Runescape. We have plenty of gold in stock for both games at all times, with the 24/7 Support you've come to know and trust us for at RSGoldFund. Buy with confidence on our website and enjoy our average <10 minute delivery times. We are proud to say we boast the cheapest prices in the industry, along with highly professional service. We're confident once you use our site, you'll want to be a customer for life!