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How to Buy OSRS Gold - Full Process on Video

How to Buy OSRS Gold (Video Process)

How to Buy OSRS Gold on R2Pleasent

Are you looking to buy OSRS Gold?  Are you worried about the process?  Nervous about how it works?  Well fear not, there is a new explainer video out from which shows how incredibly simple it is to buy OSRS Gold.  In this video, you'll see the full process on how buying gold works, from placing the order on the website, to checking out in the cart, paying, and then finally meeting in-game to receive the order.

Nearly all websites are using the same format.  So while this video was made by R2Pleasent Gold, it also applies here on RSGF.  Basically the process is very simple, and can be broken down into 4 simple steps, shown in this infographic:

OSRS Gold Buying Process:

Buy OSRS Gold Infographic

It's really as simple as following the steps above.  Pay, contact live support, and arrange delivery.  But some of us learn better from videos, so we have also attached a full video of the buying process.  In this video, you'll see how the process works for buying OSRS gold, but it also works the same for all Runescape gold types. Who Are They? is the site that created the video.  They have been in business for over 12 years, definitely the longest running OSRS Gold Site.  We have done business with them through the years, and have to pay some respect to the original RS Gold site.  It was their success on the Sythe market that actually inspired us to create RSGoldFund.  So we appreciate their contributions to the community.  Highlighted by this video!

Buy OSRS Gold Explainer Video

Below we have attached the full video which outlines the entire buying process.  Check it out and leave a comment if you found it useful.  Our friends at


So there you have it.  This should simplify the buying process even further.  If you have any questions, or feel there is another similar video you'd like made, let R2Pleasent know in the comments on YouTube.  They are trying to make the OSRS Gold buying process easier for everyone, no matter what site they ultimately choose to use.

From all of us at RSGF, good luck and happy 'Scaping!