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Runescape Gold vs Runescape 2007 Gold

Why is RuneScape 2007 gold more expensive then Rs 3 gold?
Understanding why Runescape 2007 gold is more expensive then RuneScape 3 gold isn’t difficult. First you must know that each game was created at an entirely different point in time. Secondly the player amounts vary greatly.
RuneScape 2007 gold is the same as runescape 3 gold.
This means that there is actually RuneScape 2007 gold in RuneScape 3 as we speak. Gold does not just disappear easily.The amount of gold in RuneScape 3 is probably 8x times greater then in Old School RuneScape. That is entirely possible since everyone who plays Old school runescape tends to have a easier time bot farming old school runescape gold then runescape gold.
The type of players varies greatly from RuneScape 3 and Old school.
Old school RuneScape players are used to the classic real world trading aswell as theres far more bot farmers.The most popular RuneScape gold bought and sold is old school gold. Players who only go onto RuneScape 3 are likely newer to Runescape then 2007 runescape.This coupled with the fact that there is less Old School gold means a far higher price for old school rs gold. The current gold rates are about 4.7:1 (Rs3 to Old School). Generally they go up and down daily.