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How buying gold from us works

Product Description

Is delivery instant?
As soon as your payment is verified by G2A your gold will be given to you(normally within 5 minutes)

Do I need to submit ID/receipt when purchasing?

What happens if I put the wrong RSN?
We wont be able to deliver and you will likely have to wait for a refund.

Is there any other fees ontop of the G2A one?
Gold is marked up by $0.004 so if the list price is $1.15 its really $1.154.

What is g2apay?
The payment processor that allows us to process many different payment methods we otherwise would be unable to.

Why was my transaction rejected by G2APAY(PART 1):

Your bank or financial location may of rejected the payment - Please contact them and make sure the payment being rejected was not on their end - Some banks(Like if ur in the USA) will reject the transaction because its being billed through an overseas company(G2APAY) - They are 100% safe to be billed from but some banks will not recognize that.

Why was my transaction rejected by g2apay(PART 2)
The most common cause of rejection is ordering when a add-on, vpn, proxy, vps or other hiding tool is being used, if you purchase while using one of these your order will be denied everytime by g2apay. So please make sure to turn off ALL hiding tools as defined above. The second most common denial reason is failure to verify, this means you simply failed to answer a g2apay email or phone call or text which they requested from you. Please make sure to do ALL verification steps that G2apay asks of you.

You guys say you accept prepaid cards/ prepaid visa cards yet mine is not working/was rejected, Why?
Due to g2a's home base location being in the UK we can only accept UK purchased prepaid cards and visa gift cards, We are able to accept US prepaid giftcards through the "playerauctions" option when u go to our cart with your product!

Why does my order have a 10 minute timer?
Larger orders have a 10 minute timer for the system to fully verify you, after the 10 minutes are up your order will either be processed or rejected.

I need a refund, what do I do?
Please create a ticket, please be aware due to G2A(beyond our control) the following is the timeframes for refunds:
-Transactions paid with paypal balance: 3-5 business days
-Transactions paid for with debit/bank: 10-12 business days
-Transactions paid with credit card: 21 business days
-Skrill refunds: 3-7 business days
-Alipay refunds: 10+ business days
-Bitcoin refunds: 3 business days
-Csgo skin refund: 5 business days minimum
-All other methods are 3+ business days to receive a refund
These are the MINIMUMS that it would take to get a refund, it may be longer, g2a handles all refunds not us so we are completely powerless to make them go faster, we apologize for the inconvenience!

My order is taking a while to receive, what's going on?
While we do our best to provide delivery times under 5 minutes sometimes when the chat is busy and our chat agents are heavy chat loads delivery times vary, please be patient when waiting for your order!

You have been out of stock in a product for a long time, whats going on?
Sometimes we run out of stock of a certain gold(07,rs3,rsps,etc) for a long period of time due to lack of sellers, if you purchase and have not received your order within ~48 hours please make a ticket asking for a refund, if you do not make a ticket the managers of the website will not even know about ur issue! We cannot help people who do not make tickets.

Why is there potentially an additional cost when buying gold at checkout?
- Some payment methods(g2a) there is a small 4.9% fee when purchasing-you have been warned!

Are you American Based?
We are based in the good old USA, no Chinese gold farmers or sweat shops here!

How do you sell so cheap compared to other gold giants?
We believe price is everything when it comes to our customers, instead of cutting into ur wallet, we cut into ours.

What are my risks of bans?
We have never had a customer get banned- EVER.

How do I contact livechat?
Click the giant chat bubble in the bottom right, if you don't see it try a different browser, if you still don't see it your probably banned for the livechat and can appeal this via the ticket system.

How do I make a ticket?
Register an account-> my tickets(top right)-> create a new ticket OR bottom right-> contact us-> send in the ticket

How do I contact the owner?
Make a ticket.

I sold gold to you guys and haven't got paid yet, where is my money?
Payments are normally instantly sent(99% of the time) occasionally a payment may be backed up or we had a sending issue that we needed to speak to you about, please contact livechat or make a ticket if you don't receive your payment within 24 hours.

I forgot to put a delivery RSN, what do I do?
Contact livechat, there may be a solution we can provide.

Do you buy accounts?

How are you able to pay for runescape/rsps gold?
We offer a variety of payment methods including but not limited to: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin/Etherum and other cryptos, 07 gold/Rs3 gold(rsps), Amazon gift card, Western Union & more.

Can I make a direct order/send payments to you as friends and family and avoid g2apay?

Why should I trust this site?
We have reputations on Sythe, Osbot, Tribot, Powerbot, Epicnpc, Ownedcore, Abusewithus, Hackforums & more.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes, contact livechat.

Do you keep/sell any of my information that I put on this site?

Is my information safe to enter on g2apay?
Absolutely, they are a multi billion company with hundreds of employees.

Can I get a coupon code?
Ask the livechat if there currently are any active coupons available!

Do you price match?
Sometimes, contact livechat!

One of my friends referred me, do they get a reward?
When you sign up for a site account, put ur friends email, they'll be emailed with a custom coupon or we'll send them some $/rsgp!

How do I request a refund?
Make a ticket with your order ID, name and payment method and explain why it needs to be refunded.
Refunds take between 5-21 business days(g2a's end, out of our control).

Are your accounts you sell made by you?
No they are made by trusted skilling teams on sythe!

How accurate is information on this site?
Information found on the site is kept accurate as much as possible however sometimes we fail to update things for an extended period of time which can lead to outdated markets & outdated information on the site, we try to keep outdated information to a minimum however it does happen, by visiting you hereby acknowledge that some information you see may be old/outdated and you waive any right you have to a report regarding this information.

If I order an account, when do I get it?
The owner will deliver the account to you via skype, account delivery's may take from 15 minutes-30 days depending if the account is in stock.

Can I order custom accounts?
Yep, contact our boss via skype NOT LIVECHAT.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes we accept Paypal through our service,

What are the requirements to pay via paypal?

If you pay via G2APAY all we need is your paypal receipt - no ID ever!

How do I request a refund?
You MUST file a ticket on our site through our ticket system as G2A sometimes asks for the reasoning of us requesting a refund - without a ticket we cannot guarantee that a refund request will process.

I want to buy a OSRS/RS3 account or already have only to be told there's none available - What's up with that?
-We allow users to pre-orders accounts, the accounts listed on our website are either 1)Currently in stock or 2)Currently being built - Please allow up to 45 days after your order for the account to be delivered to you - All our accounts are hand-done & in very high demand so we allow pre-ordering - Once an account has been bought there are NO REFUNDS as we order accounts based on demand/back-orders, if you wish to know if an account is currently in-stock vs being preordered u may ask our livechat - all accounts